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Total quality system based on ISO 9001:2000

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Are you ready for performance and quality?

At Clean Cut Metals, we feature state-of-the-art equipment to provide the right fabrication solution for your project. And yes, we're prototype friendly!

CNC Punching

We can produce parts with close tolerance requirements, from nearly any metal material.

CNC Milling

CNC Milling and turning to the highest quality with our strict standards.

CNC Press Brakes

We have all the right equipment for bending sheet and plate metal to your project requirements.

Robotic Welding

Robotic punching, welding, and cutting.


We’re prepared for the final inspection stage and assembly, and ensure that goods are produced in accordance with your specifications.

Advanced Design

Our design solutions feature Merrymechanization programming, M1-A Manufacturing Software, Solidworks, and Smart Cam v.19 capabilities! 


ISO 9001:2000 Compliant


MIL-I-45208 Compliant


37 Years in Business


Quality + Experience = Your Assurance

A sound quality system is imperative in today’s hi-tech and modernized environment. CCM complies with standards of MIL-I-45208 and is ISO-9001 compliant. CCM encompasses this vast and detailed program that places an emphasis on quality beginning at the operator level and transitioning to the supervisory level and ending in the final inspection stage. This process flow ensures that goods are produced in accordance with these specifications.

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CAD design with seamless integration to work flow!

Leave the document interpretation to us. Utilizing contemporary Solidworks software, we’ll provide the document support you need. When necessary, we will provide you with the preproduction support documents for your review and we will keep you updated throughout the production process.

  • Solidworks 2014 for sheetmetal and machined parts
  • Auto Cad 2000 for the acceptance of customer electronic files
  • Merrymechanization programming system for sheetmetal parts
  • Smart Cam version19 to convert Electronic Files to Machine Code
  • MI for all shop activity, job Cost, purchasing, scheduling, reporting, and accounting all functions

We’re friendly and always helpful.

Our professional management team embodies many years of skilled experience and is ready for the task at hand presented by today’s ever-changing and adaptive manufacturing arena.

With these dynamics, we embrace these changes and strive to best serve our customer’s needs. This task is best accomplished by utilizing today’s technology and applying these concepts to all aspects of manufacturing including design, engineering, production, shop flow systems and job cost platforms. These tools enable CCM to provide high quality products in a timely matter and at streamlined prices.

We at Clean cut metals accentuate the importance of friendly and responsive customer service. With great thought and consideration, we have assembled a broadly experienced team of experts in the field backed by a management team of modern thinkers armed with contemporary business theories that set us apart from traditional manufacturing firms.

Our foremost purpose is to properly determine the most notable challenges facing our clients and actively provide realistic and cost saving answers to those challenges.

Teri Lerew

Teri Lerew

Business Development Manager

Have a question about our services? Our Business Development Manager is always helping our clients from the start of the project to completion and timely delivery. Give us a call and reach out!

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Teri Lerew

Teri Lerew

Business Development Manager

Have a question about our services? Our Business Development Manager is always helping our clients from the start of the project to completion and timely delivery. Give us a call and reach out!


We’ve completed projects in lead industries.

Our engineers have had a wide array of experience across industry, contributing expertise to projects they believe in.

Medical Instrumentation

Cancer screening, tissue analysis and diagnostic equipment.

Solar & Energy

Commercial solar field frame kits and military off grid cooling applications.

Pro Audio

Microphone actuators and rack mount equipment.

Laser Diode & Optics

Industrial equipment.


Telco cabinets, fiber patch equipment, reducer plates, wireloom ladders.


Electronic instrumentation, panels, enclosures for commercial applications.

Process Equipment

Water flow and process control units.


Plasma and science technology.

Air Distribution

Industrial air diffuser products. 


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We're always open to discussing new projects with customers. Whether you're an established company, a small business, or just an entrepreneur or hobbyist, give us a call.

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We have the facilities and equipment you need.

Our facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment for any kind of project - simple or advanced.
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Fadal Machining Center – Fanuc Controller
Fadal Machining Center – 4 Vice Setup
Fadal Machining Center – Production Run
Fadal Machining Center
Puncher 2
Muratec Wiedemann V-3000 Alpha
Robotic Welder 1
CNC Operator and Machinist at Work
Facility Bay Doors (1 of Many)
Welding Shop
Large Quantity of Sheet Metal Stock


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